Norwegian company spreads market in Europe

December 17, 2013

Norsk Fiskeriretur AS (Nofir AS) is a nationwide recycling system for fishing and fish farming industry. Norwegian company operates successfully in Scandinavian market for 5 years and has decided to expand its operations in Europe (especially in Scotland). Nofir started to actively invest in environmental friendly solutions thanks to receiving funding within the framework of the Eco-Innovation project. The company sees an opportunity to create an European system for collecting discarded equipement from fishing and farming industry. Nofir wants to reduce amount of fishing nets and ropes which are dumped to the European seas every year.

Nofir was established in 2008 in Norway, in response to increasing problem of net and ropes utilization reported by the Norwegian environmental organizations, fishermen and public institutions. Nofir acquires used nets, ropes and cords coming from the maritime industry and converts them into plastic that can be reused. The aim of the company is not only the recovery of recyclable materials but also reducing water pollution caused by discarded equipement from fishing and farming industry.
The company received funding from the European Union within the framework of the Eco-Innovation initiative that supports innovative ideas, services and processes which provide environmental protection. Nofir sees great potential in Europe, especially in Scotland, where actively cooperates with fishermen and companies in collecting discarded material. – Scotland is a great country to cooperate with but the main problem is that people who work in fishing industry don’t realize that they can make ecological choices. First of all, they do not know what to do with such a large amount of useless material. With our help they can recycle material contributing to environmental protection instead of throwing away old equipment. Our goal is to inform everyone that throwing fishing nets can have a very negative impact on the environment. We want to propose assistance in their disposal  – says Øistein Aleksandersen, CEO, Nofir.

It is estimated that each year 640 000 tonnes of useless nets and ropes are discarded or lost in the sea, which is a serious threat to both marine life and divers. According to the WWF, fishermen for various reasons (storms, accidents, etc) throw annually from 5 500 to 10 000 tonnes of gillnets in the Baltic Sea. Nofir worked out pioneer and innovative solution based on recycling as a part of business activity. The company has plans to create European system for collecting discarded material and organize information campaign in support of the protection of European seas. Nofir is open for Co-operation with fishermen, businesses or institutions that want to get rid of useless materials.

Nofir is one of the associate partners of the Healthy Seas initiative.