Giving new life to discarded fishing and fish farming equipment

Nofir is a Norwegian company operating since 2008.

We’re collecting discarded equipment from fishing and fish farming around the world. Our end product is a raw material for the recycling industry which is used in a wide variety of products.

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Nofir provides a holistic solution for discarded equipment from aquaculture. We provide traceability all the way from the fish farmer to new material, with detailed environmental reports and background documents.

Fish farming nets

Fish farming nets can be recycled through the Nofir system.

Cleaning fish shelters

Cleaning fish shelters are collected directly at fish farmers or from service stations for recycling.


Tarpaulins used in aquaculture are dismantled and recycled or reused after treatment in the Nofir production.


We collect ropes directly from net lofts, fish farmers, service stations and waste facilities. Ropes make up a perfect raw material for granulate that can be directly used in a new production.


Nets and trawl nets from fisheries are perfect for recyling. The Nofir team will handle all dismantling needed.

Purse seine nets

Nofir can collect complete nets and parts of nets at your convenience.

Trawl nets

Complete trawl nets can be sent for recycling through Nofir. We appreciate that you remove any rockhoppers before shipment.

Gill nets

Nofir handles and recycles gill nets.

Waste companies

Waste companies often receive discarded equipment from fisheries and aquaculture for landfilling.
Much of this could have been recycled.

Nofir will be happy to provide the relevant information and training needed for waste companies to be able to sort out suitable material for recycling.

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